Soccerverse: Football in a nutshell

This is soccerverse, a project dedicated to the analysis of club-level (association) football around the world. From Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, from UEFA Champions League to CFU Club Championship, this project covers statistical analyses on a global scale. Global rankings, predicting league tables and champions are just some of the content you can find on this page.

World Team Ranking

The global ranking is the core of this project. As explained in the methods section, the ranking is based on the official FIFA ranking for national teams. As such it is not deemed to be accurate. But then again, which of the many existing global rankings of football teams can claim to be accurate? Still, the rankings shown on this page should just be seen as an experiment. The rankings are updated on a weekly basis on Tuesdays.


David Schoch

David Schoch is the primary maintainer of soccerverse, responsible for most content and data analyses.

Imant Daunhawer

Imant Daunhawer is the front and back end developer and responsible for all interactive content of soccerverse.

Ulrik Brandes

Ulrik Brandes is the content supervisor of this project and put forward the idea for adapting FIFA’s ranking algorithm to club level football.

Media Coverage


The banner pictures on the homepage are taken from unsplash and vecteezy: