The Game Ethos

Soccerverse is a massive multiplayer online soccer management and trading game in one huge persistent evergreen game universe - The Soccerverse.

It is purely community driven, with true asset ownership and built to last forever.

Community Driven

Built for the fans by the fans.

The released game will be shaped by the users who participated in the beta phase.

Fully customizable by uploading user generated content packs. Name your own clubs and players.

Open Source

No game can be truly community driven, ensure real asset ownership and be evergreen if it is not fully open sourced. Users are able to maintain and develop the game as they see fit. Soccerverse runs decentralized and autonomous using Xaya's blockchain technology and SDK.

Built from Experience

Soccerverse is a remake of a classic battle proven MMO which is over 15 years old and has had millions of downloads world wide. Built using Xaya's cutting edge blockchain technology by the team that created the worlds first truly decentralized blockchain game.

Core Team

Andy Gore


20+ Years Games Industry Veteran

Andy is the former CEO of Soccer Manager Ltd which has had over 50 million downloads. He has over 20 years of experience in the video games industry creating football games, including FIFA, Soccer Manager, and others.

Andy Colosimo


20+ Years IT Industry

Andy is an IT Specialist and Technologist, and a pioneer in virtual asset sales in classic MMORPGs. He is the creator of Huntercoin which was the worlds first decentralized blockchain game in 2013 and the founder of Xaya, Taurion & other opensource blockchain game projects.

Dr. Daniel Kraft


15+ Years Development

Lead Developer: Huntercoin, Xaya, Namecoin, Taurion.

Experience : Bitcoin Core Developer, Mozilla, GCC, Electrum, Ganache, former Google.

Matt Woodley


Games industry veteran

Marketing Strategy and Product

Championship Manager (Eidos), Football Manager (SEGA), FIFA Manager (EA).

Konstantin Gorskov

Lead Frontend Developer

10+ Years Video Game Development

Experience : Unity, Unreal, Full Stack, Huntercoin, Taurion

Ryan Smyth


30 Years in IT and Gaming

Technical writer, Community Management

Experience : Samsung, LG, NCSoft, Lineage 2, ESTsoft, General Electric, Hyundai, SK, Bluehole Studio (Krafton), TERA and more.

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