Soccerverse: Football in a nutshell

This is Soccerverse, a project dedicated to the analysis of club-level (association) football around the world. From Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, from UEFA Champions League to CFU Club Championship, this project will cover statistical analyses on a global scale not just involving the "Big Four". Global rankings, predicting league tables and champions are just some of the intended content to look forward to.

So far, the global ranking is the core of this project. As explained in the methods section, the ranking is based on the official FIFA ranking for national teams. As such it is not deemed to be accurate. But then again, which of the many existing global rankings of football teams can claim to be accurate? Still, the rankings shown on this page should (so far!) just be seen as an experiment. The rankings will be updated on a weekly bases on Tuesdays.

The page is still under development and new content will gradually be added. Short term goals include to get a blog going which features in depth analyses of football data. These will include comparisons of different leagues, countries or continents on the basis of goal distributions, home field advantage and other interesting stats in football. The blog will however also feature topics that go beyond simple statistical analysis tackling football from different point of views. Most articles will be complemented with interactive visualizations like the Manager Ranking and the Team Ranking History.