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Last update: 2018-02-13 06:39:53

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Last update: 2018-02-13 06:39:53

The table shows the Ranked Probability Scores (RPS) for six European leagues for a predictive model that was built with our world ranking. Our model calculates outcome probabilities for upcoming matches (for example: FC Barcelona - Real Madrid 40% Home Win, 30% Draw, 30% Away Win) based on the current points of teams in the world ranking. The RPS assesses how good the predictions were. The lower this score, the closer the predictions to the actual outcome (0 is the perfect score). The baseline model is used as a simple comparison. The model simply predicts a home win for each match.

The predictions are updated once a week, usually on Thursdays. The purpose of these predictions is to track the "plausibility" of our ranking. More on predictions and forcasting of leagues can be found in our predictions section.